zaterdag 8 mei 2010

International School in Luxor

Their mission is to integrate different nationalities, cultures and religions using the Montessori system. The school day is 08:15 to 16:00 and they provide healthy meals and snacks. There are breaks, playtimes and time to do homework. Languages are taught by native speakers. There is Arabic for religion and civics, English is taught in Grade 1 and Pre School, maths is taught in German and French is taught at Grade 5. They have not totally decided on what the final exam will be could be International Baccalaureate or German DIAP. In Cairo it is DIAP. There will also be an option for Thanaweya, the Arabic exam so children leaving the school can go on to Egyptian Universities.

The school starts on 18th September in a villa, location should be decided this week. Eventually the school will move to Teba, transport will be provided. There will be Kindergarten, Nursery and Grade 1 and 2. They are hoping for 10 students in each class as a start up.

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