zondag 15 augustus 2010

Boulevard opgebroken?

Op Nile life blog lees ik dat men nu begonnen is met het afbreken van de Nijlboulevard.

Its 40 years since the Chinese sent a load of convicts to build the Promenade in Luxor Egypt did a good job on it too. this in its hey day was the masterpiece to show off the two temples here in Luxor.
And here we are in 2010 digging the whole thing up and lowering by 3 meters it seems Luxor is short of bazzars as its the only reason I can see for this extravaganza.
A walkway with 3 kilometers of bazzars and maybe a few coffee shops for tourists to sit and have a pricey beer coffee or waterpipe sitting looking at the Nile, there will be no cruisers to spoil the view as these are being moved 5 kilometers upstream ,

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