zaterdag 16 juli 2011

The new governor of Luxor

 is making a real effort to improve Luxor and one of his initiatives was to have a meeting with ex-pats living here to find out their views.

There is a major clear up of Luxor taking place on Sunday at 9am, please assemble at Abu Haggag square if you want to help. Equipment and free hats and t-shirt will be available. This is taking place Armant, Esna and all over Luxor. The meeting raised an important point that the men who are paid to do this job need to understand they are not losing their jobs and this was to help them. The waterways as well as the streets are included in the clean up.

He wants
• to restart something called tourist friend which stopped in 1990

• change the behaviour on the streets, the hassle, but he did point out that at the moment this is driven by hunger and extreme poverty because of the lack of tourists

• education is the key and he will start with the schools, children need to be taught to respect their country and take pride in it

A number of points were raised from the floor which he responded to

• Pollution of waterways and streets with rubbish

• The main rubbish dump was being poorly maintained and there was fly tipping

• Recycling

• The police are not active, he has a meeting planned and wishes to get them back to pre revolution standards

• New work opportunities were being made at Tod, north Karnak and Esna. There will be a boat marina north of the Hilton

• Traffic rules and regulations to be enforced

• Caleches to display their licence

• Hassle

• Treatment of Animals, both Brook and Ace operate in Luxor and a representative of Ace was at the meeting and gave the governor an information pack and invited him to visit. The governor is a pet lover and has many animals. Ace invited anyone to visit their centre and see their work

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