maandag 14 mei 2012

The Theban Mapping Project Library

Dr Kent Weeks talked about the new library he has founded in Luxor. The Theban Mapping Project Library is open every day 3-8 and everyone and anyone is welcome to use it. Aimed at local Luxor people 3- 80+ who want to study or learn or just enjoy a book. Kent very much hopes that local women will use it and has a number of Arabic books on childcare, pregnancy and nutrition. He is particularly proud of the Egyptology and site maps given by the Getty Institute and World Heritage Fund. He hopes that tour guides and trainee tour guides will use it to develop their knowledge but also Egyptologists needing reference material. There will be access to Jstore, the only one outside Cairo. 
So far they are already getting local schools visiting, local women, members of ARCE and even tourists. There is plenty of seating area both inside and out. luxor-news/theban-mapping-project-library-luxor

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