zondag 24 juni 2012

The first democratic chosen president of Egypt.

The presidential elections committee “PEC” has announced that Mohamed Morsi  is the 5th President of Arab republic of Egypt by  of the 51.54% votes.

Thousands are celebrating in Tahrir square currently. I see floods of the Egyptian flags. The protesters say  "We will not leave , the military leave"
On the other hand the supporters of Shafik are crying in front of his Presidential campaign HQ cursing Tantawy and Mubarak and chanting "Down with the military rule"

I am happy that Ahmed Shafik has lost and I am happy that after #Jan25 we got the first civilian , a university professor to rule Egypt. Mursi is the fifth President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the 16th ruler of Egypt since 1805. 

I am happy that I will be an opponent to the Muslim brotherhood. 

I think now I would say with all confidence that the Muslim brotherhood reached to a deal with SCAF.
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