dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

To really experience Luxor, do as the locals do; grab a fresh glass of sugar cane juice from a street vendor, shop where the locals do, play dominoes, smoke shisha, drink a glass of hot tea and watch the world go by, get an invite to a local, raucous street wedding, eat a ta’ameya sandwich in Abu Haggag square behind Luxor temple, wearing your ship-ship – embrace true Luxor life. Get to know the people, friends made in Luxor will stay friends for life, they will never forget you.
There is something unique about the openness, warmth and hospitality of Luxor’s people. They are self-confessed hustlers, but with undeniable charm. Their optimism remains however, and they are convinced tourists will return to Luxor; for them, it is literally in the lap of the Gods; “they will come, InshaAllah, they always have.” And as the street signs implore, “Smile, you are in Luxor.” I challenge you not to. daily news egypt

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