dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Since March, aromas of apple-flavored shisha and freshly brewed coffee have been pulling in passionate patrons into a cozy cafe called Kafein, nestled on Sherif Basha Street.
What started as a mere opportunity to bring in high-quality, affordable coffee has now become not only a staple of the Downtown cafe scene, but a cultural sensation.
Even on the surface, Kafein stands out from other cafes. Upon entering, customers can see the variety of equipment, appliances and teas in their fully operational kitchen. The workers are professional, attentive and most importantly, at Kafein, the barristas know how to make real coffee, not just the powdered mix you will find at countless ‘fancy’ cafes in Heliopolis and Zamalek. Not only rarely downtown, but also rarely in Cairo, can one find such high quality coffee at such low a price.
“This is the idea,” explains Kafein co-owner Nadia Dropkin. “We want to be very serious about the drinks for not-so serious people.”
Among the familiar brews of coffee, such as americano, espresso, latte and cappuccino, Kafein also offers iced coffees, both classic, which is an espresso poured over ice, and the much rarer New York cold brew, which is exactly as it sounds: coffee slowly brewed without hot water to avoid bitter flavor. Patrons can also opt for affogato (scoop of ice cream with espresso) or bombón (condensed milk with a double shot of espresso). Read all: egyptindependent/kafein-raises-cairo-coffee

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