zaterdag 29 november 2014

An Egyptian artist without borders

If you have been to Artellewa, you know it is an interesting independent art space and cultural centre in the Ard El Lewa area. It is small but welcoming, and has a deep connection with the residents of the neighbourhood it is located in.
Now the thing about interesting places is that they attract interesting people. One of them is Ibrahim Ahmed, a mixed media artist who flew in from the United States and was a resident artist at Artellewa in May and July 2014.
Ahmed is what they call a third culture kid. His roots lie in Egypt, but he was born in Kuwait, and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain before immigrating to Freehold, New Jersey. He doesn’t regret it: “The beautiful thing about being displaced, is that I’m constantly observing. It’s the perfect experience to be an artist. I’m not tied to anything. I’m in between the cracks.”
Although officially educated to be a writer, his passion for art was stimulated at home through his older brother, who studied art at Mason Gross School of the Arts.
“That’s how I sort of learned painting. By observing my brother, although he didn’t like me watching, so I had to hide while watching,” the artist reminisces.
He developed his art through trial and error, and, most importantly, by engaging with other artists and reading. You could say his mind works like a sponge, which after absorbing spits out a lot of information. Then, on wood, it is time to execute the work. read more: dailynewsegypt

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